Artichoke Dinner Club is Hiring!

We are looking for creative, passionate, self-starters to join our team.  This a unique opportunity to join a small food & beverage startup.

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What is Artichoke Dinner Club?

Artichoke Dinner Club is a new, affordable chef service for busy people. Artichoke was created out of our need for a convenient, high-quality alternative to meal subscriptions and restaurant takeout. As our family juggled our busy work schedules and personal responsibilities, we found that cooking dinner from scratch every night was almost impossible.  We tried frozen dinners, meal kits, meal prepping on Sundays for the week, and ordering takeout. At the end of the day, all these options left us either exhausted from the amount of work or questioning the quality/convenience/cost tradeoffs. As a result, we decided the best solution was something different. We wanted to focus on being local, not having food shipped across the country; offering restaurant-quality food, and encouraging people to eat together by serving all dishes family style. Great food should not be compromised for convenience. We want to help our customers have more time to do what is important to them; whether that is having extra time to relax and read or do yoga, grab a drink with a friend, or play outside with your family.

We pride ourselves on being the prepared meals and chef service for foodies, dual-income couples and families, and all busy people. We differentiate ourselves by offering local, affordable, and high-quality meals- none of our competitors do all three.