The perfect afternoon snack : Bok Choy

The six to eight hours between lunch and dinner can sometimes seem like a long time. Some days are longer than others! So the question becomes, to snack or not to snack. On one hand, without a snack, dinner can taste just that much better. On the other hand, sometimes you can’t wait!

For many people who now can work from home, or for those who have always stayed home, the opportunity for an amazing and healthy afternoon snack has never been higher. I was in that lucky position today, catching up on emails and office work at my dining room table. I had a fantastic Mexican Caesar salad for lunch but was itching for a snack by mid-afternoon thanks to my post-lunch walk. After opening the fridge to poke around, I spotted….a side of grilled bok choy I had ordered on a whim!

Ok hear me out for those who are shaking their heads at bok choy as a snack. First, it is super healthy, and a way to squeeze an extra serving of vegetables. Second, our bok choy is DELICIOUS. We grill lightly oiled bok choy to get a nice char on it, which adds a lot of flavor to the dish. Then we toss it in garlic sesame sauce to give that yummy, unctuous flavor. Best of all, you can re-heat the bok choy in the microwave with perfect results, meaning only 2 minutes stands between you and your much needed afternoon snack.

Pro tip: add a scoop of chili crisp on top! If you had not gotten into chili crisp yet, you are in for a treat (assuming you like a little spice!). Chili crisp is essentially a crunchy hot sauce, where fried chilis submerged in a little oil. Sounds plain but it is delicious and addictive. While there are a number of more western chili crisps that have recently come on the market, notably one from David Chang the founder of Momofuko, we’re fans of the OG. It’s great on everything from vegetables, rice, noodles, and even eggs.

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