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Enchiladas, a new favorite

Making enchiladas at home from scratch can be daunting.  There are multiple items that need to be prepped, from the meat and filling to the sauce and side items.  Yes, you can buy some pretty good premade sauces to save time, but it can still be a lot of work.  That is why we wanted to take away the stress of making them at home so you can have a quick and delicious enchilada dinner in under 5 minutes! What makes our enchiladas different? The Filling We slow cook our chicken with a mix of spices and ground chilis and then mix it with bell and poblano peppers, sweet onions, our house-made enchilada sauce, and two kinds of cheese.  Our...

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Why We Love It: Mexican Caesar Salad

Mexican Caesar, My Favorite Salad I always love a good salad.  To me a great salad has a mix of fresh ingredients and toppings that provide a variety of flavors and textures mixed in a delicious dressing.  Our Mexican Caesar is exactly that.  The fresh romaine, hearty kale, crispy pepitas, crunchy & tangy pickled carrots, salty queso fresco cheese all covered in a creamy, slightly spiced herbaceous dressing.  I recommend trying it for an easy lunch at home or work or as a side with one of our dinners like the Chicken Enchilada Roulade.  You can always all-natural grilled chicken or sustainable shrimp if you want to make you salad a little more filling. Artichoke Dinner Club delivers healthy, locally made,...

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