Morning & Breakfast Routines with Anthony

What is your morning routine?

I usually get up around 6am each day.  First, I make a french press coffee, usually with Perc's Perc Up blend.  I also have recently started using Atlas Coffee Club.  I like the variety of coffees from around the world, and all their coffees are very approachable.  After starting the coffee, I head out for a short run through the neighborhood or do 15 minutes of stretching or yoga.

Once I am back, I grab a quick cup of coffee, get ready for work, and then wake up my daughters to get them prepared for daycare & preschool.  Once everyone is dressed, we try to eat breakfast together as a family.  But with everyone wanting something different, it was too hard to make 3 different options each morning.  We have found that our 4 year old loves the Strawberry Banana Granola with oat milk and extra banana on top, I like to mix the Strawberry Banana and Chocolate Granolas with greek yogurt, and Lindsay typically has the Blueberry Ginger Overnight Oats or Florentine Frittata.  On Friday, I make pancakes, the one breakfast we can all agree on.

What about on the weekends?

On the weekend, we usually take a more relaxed approach, but with two young kids, we are still up by 7am and the first thing is always making coffee.  Since I typically work Saturday and/or Sunday, I try and do something fun with the girls in the morning before I go to work.  At least one day, sometimes two, I take the girls to a bakery (Star Provisions or Evergreen) for breakfast while Lindsay goes to an exercise class.  Then it's getting ready for work so I can be home in time to take the girls to the park or watch Frozen for the umpteenth time.

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