Make your morning even easier with Perc coffee

Are people that don’t drink coffee even real people?! Just kidding of course, but like many others, we need coffee to survive in the mornings. And beyond survival, that first cup (or two!) of coffee in the morning is something to savor. A quiet moment of peace, where you can literally feel your brain and body wake up and get ready to face the day.

About 7 years ago our family switched from a classic Mr Coffee coffee maker to a French Press, and we never looked back. At the time, just that small switch elevated the taste of coffee to a level that we’ve never had the itch to switch from. We recently received a Le Creuset French Press as a gift from a good friend, which beyond creating delicious coffee, also keeps the coffee warm while encased in beautiful ceramic.

But, sometimes the French press fails us in every day life: the price of the delicious coffee is time. There’s nothing like taking the wind out of your sails for the day, when you reach for the French Press to fill your travel mug and find it empty. In full disclosure, there has been more than one instance where I have refilled the french press with fresh water and coffee, and then brought it with me in the car to steep and eventually pour into my empty travel cup. That’s what two young kids will do to a person!

But we were recently introduced to Perc instant coffee. First, we love the guys at Perc. Great business, great people, and great coffee. Second, the owner recently turned us onto their instant coffee, which defies every prior feeling I had about instant coffee and its quality. If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s like me, what pops into my head when I think about instant coffee is the Folgers’ brand jingle (sing it with me…the best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cuuuup). My impression of instant coffee during my adult life is that it is fast but (excuse my language) shitty. Definitely not the coffee that gives you instant joy in the morning. Perc has changed that for me The coffee is legitimately good: rich flavor, strong, and of course easy to make. Whether it becomes your morning routine, what you use in a pinch when you need good coffee and fast, or the best travel or work coffee possible (life hack- we keep a pouch or two in our bags at all times), you will gain a new appreciation for instant coffee. It even makes a great latte at home - pour Perc instant coffee in a cup with 1oz of boiling water (you just made instant espresso), froth milk with an insanely cheap milk frother, mix with Perc instant "espresso", and…that’s it! Pair with our overnight oats or chia seed pudding and you’ve got yourself a delicious, stress-free morning.

Cheers to a more productive morning!

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