Make it your own: Shawarma Chicken

For us and our wonderful customers, Artichoke Dinner Club has been a game changer. The ability to have easy, ready to heat/eat meals that taste like the best homemade chef made them, has had a meaningful impact on our lives.

But like many of our customers, we still like to cook (just not every night!!) and make things our own. There’s a bit of joy that comes from creating something yourself and from using up something in your fridge. Especially if that something is about to go bad. The frugal person in me gives a little cheer when I save something from being thrown out in a day or two.

When we developed the concept for Artichoke Dinner Club, we designed a lot of the meals and sauces to be incorporated into the life of someone who will still cook. Like the meals themselves, the intent was to help make cooking easier. There are lots of ways we imagined this happening for us and our customers. Ordering side dishes from Artichoke and cooking the main protein. Ordering sauces from Artichoke to elevate homemade components. The possibilities are endless, but they allow for that little joy of cooking in a very easy, efficient way.

I was in the mood for that little joy today. I had been eyeing a pint of grape tomatoes that had been slowly wrinkling on my counter top. I’m not one to waste food, so those tomatoes needed to be gobbled up in the next day or two. As tomatoes alone are not a meal, I started hunting in the fridge for something to make. First things first, I spotted a jar of chili crisp, which has been a recent addiction of mine (which you can read about more here). If you have not gotten into chili crisp yet, you are missing out. Crunchy, spicy goodness in a jar. Second, I spotted some leftover Shawarma Chicken and rice. Voila- lunch! After heating the chicken and rice in the microwave, adding sliced tomatoes, and generously topping it all with chili crisp, I dug in. A “homemade” satisfying lunch, with the convenience of Artichoke.

What meals using leftover Artichoke can you dream up? Bonus points if they involve chili crisp!

Artichoke Dinner Club delivers healthy, locally made, chef-developed meals to Atlanta making eating well easy and delicious. Check out our rotating menu and skip the meal prep and restaurant takeout.