Ingredient Spotlight - Cabbage

Ok, so I am sure you are probably asking why we would ever highlight cabbage.  For many people, it is not at the top of the list of their favorite vegetables, but we hope to change that.

Cabbage - the health benefits

Cabbage is a highly nutrient-dense vegetable, and Chinese Cabbage is the 2nd most nutrient-dense vegetable after watercress.  (We use Chinese Cabbage in our Thai Chili BowlBanh Mi Noodle BowlSesame-Ginger Power SaladSouthwest Power Salad,  and Japanese Pan Noodles.  For more about our delicious bowls check out this blog post.)  Just one cup of cabbage has 85% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin K and 54% of Vitamin C.  It is also extremely low calorie, meaning you can feel good about cabbage being part of any meal.

Cabbage - the taste benefits

In addition to being very good for you, cabbage has some great benefits from a culinary perspective.  We love to use cabbage because it is a great way to add texture and crunch to salads and noodle dishes.  It is also an excellent vehicle for sauce or dressing; it takes on the flavors of what it is cooked with. For example, we slow cook our braised red cabbage in balsamic vinegar and mustard seeds, so you get a lot of bright and rich acidity from the vinegar.  This makes it pair well with dishes like  Creole Salmon or Marsala Dinner.

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