Enchiladas, a new favorite

Making enchiladas at home from scratch can be daunting.  There are multiple items that need to be prepped, from the meat and filling to the sauce and side items.  Yes, you can buy some pretty good premade sauces to save time, but it can still be a lot of work.  That is why we wanted to take away the stress of making them at home so you can have a quick and delicious enchilada dinner in under 5 minutes!

What makes our enchiladas different?

The Filling

We slow cook our chicken with a mix of spices and ground chilis and then mix it with bell and poblano peppers, sweet onions, our house-made enchilada sauce, and two kinds of cheese.  Our tofu sofrito is grilled, then baked, and then mixed with the fillings so it has a texture more similar to ground beef or chorizo.

The Sauce

We make our sauce from scratch using whole dried ancho and guajillo chilis, garlic, onion, roasted tomatoes, and cumin.  We simmer it for hours to meld all the flavors together and then blend it into a rich and smooth sauce. 

We hope you enjoy!

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