Enchilada Cooking Tip

Enchiladas are an Artichoke staple and there is no doubt why! Between being smothered in our  medium spiced enchilada sauce and topped with queso fresco and cheddar cheese there is no question why this dish is an instant classic. Today we’re going to share a behind the scenes tip with you to take this dish to the next level. Right, it is already great but just wait - we can hardly believe it gets any better than this…

Next time you get the Enchiladas dinner: cook them 2 minutes in the microwave while you wait for the oven to preheat and then cook for a remaining 10 minutes in the oven with the lid off. This tip is what we at Artichoke like to call the best of both worlds, saving time but also getting that crispy exterior. 

Don’t forget to add the sauce after it comes out of the oven! This sauce is made from scratch using whole dried ancho and guajillo chilis, garlic, onion, roasted tomatoes, and cumin. We simmer it for hours to meld all the flavors together and then blend it into a rich and smooth sauce. Trust us, it's worth this quick add at the end.