Chickpeas, Our Secret Ingredient

Why do we love chickpeas (garbanzo beans) so much?

Chickpeas are a great source of protein and are often under appreciated in the world of beans & legumes.  They are best known for being the backbone of hummus (I think this is a good base recipe and Ithaca is my favorite brand of hummus and is now available at Publix!) and falafel but they can be used for so much more and should not just limited to vegetarian/vegan dishes.  We love the way they can be used to thicken and enhance soups, sauces and dressings while boosting protein and not cholesterol or fat.

How do we use them?

We add chickpeas to a lot of our dishes, but you typically would not even know.  We blend them into all our curries to help make them rich and add a little thickness.  We also add a little to our vegan herb tzatziki dressing.  We think they add a really subtle flavor but really blend in with the dish and allow the other flavors to shine.


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