Chicken Bolognese

Making bolognese was a Sunday meal prep tradition for me.  I would take the entire afternoon, use half the pans in our kitchen, and get sauce everywhere but have a great result.  The only problem was that I could never make a small batch; when I tried, it was not the same.  As a result, we would be eating Bolognese all week, on pasta, on rice, on buns as pseudo sloppy joes.   That is why we thought it would be great to offer a Bolognese so you can have a great dinner without the long hours of meal prep or the need to eat the same thing all week. 

What makes a great bolognese sauce?

Time.  When making a great Bolognese pasta sauce, it is crucial to let the flavors meld and develop over time.  You want to be able to cook the tomatoes, onions, and garlic slowly and ground meat to create a rich and satisfying sauce to top your pasta. 

What makes our bolognese sauce different?

We spend a lot of time making it and add a lot of extra steps.  We slowly roast our tomatoes in the oven with herbs and garlic.  We sauté ground chicken thighs (a slightly healthier alternative to the classic pork/beef versions) with onions and garlic, add the oven-roasted tomatoes, a little wine, and herbs, and then let the sauce simmer for several hours to bring all the flavors together.

So we say skip the meal prep, Atlanta, and try some Artichoke Dinner Club Chicken Bolognese.


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