Bowls, The Perfect Lunch & Dinner

Why do I love bowls so much?

I have always loved bowls as a meal option.  Even as a kid, and then throughout high school and college, I always tended to throw my dinner in a bowl and eat everything together.  This might have been because my family ate a lot of rice, which is a great base, or that I loved to get a little bit of everything with each bite.

In the end, working as a restaurant manager post-college solidified my obsession with bowls.  As a junior restaurant manager trying to learn as much as possible and impress my much older peers, I worked crazy hours and ate almost all my meals in the restaurant.  However, those who have worked in the industry know our meals are enjoyed at odd hours, typically in a rush and standing up. Bowls were the perfect answer.  I had endless ingredients and enjoyed trying new and fun combinations - some were admittedly better than others.

What Makes a Great Bowl?

To me, a great bowl is just like a great salad; most of the ingredients can be used in a bowl.  

  1. You need a good base; it is the backbone of the bowl.  I prefer grains (rice, quinoa, farro, etc.) with a little shredded cabbage or arugula, but noodles and pasta can also work.
  2. Toppings, can you have too many? I look for complementary flavors (sweet and spicy), fresh and bright ingredients (like herbs and veggies) and different textures (like nuts and seeds).  Crunch is something that goes a long way in any bowl or salad.
  3. Sauce or Dressing - this brings it all together and makes a bowl or salad what it is.  I think good acidity is always essential, so I often like to add a squeeze of lemon or lime on top.

Artichoke Dinner Club Loves Bowls Too!

While providing prepared meals throughout Atlanta, we know that having great options that work for lunch and dinner is always important.  That is why we always have a selection of different bowls that are great hot or cold, so that you have an easy meal for yourself or your family.  We want to help you skip the meal prep with our delicious Atlanta-made prepared meals.

Artichoke Dinner Club delivers healthy, locally made, chef-developed meals to Atlanta making eating well easy and delicious. Check out our rotating menu and skip the meal prep and restaurant takeout.