A Better Version of Prepared Meals for Atlanta

Restaurant Delivery is Expensive

Restaurant delivery can get very expensive.  The fees from delivery platforms and then the costs of delivery can quickly make a dinner jump to $20-$30 per person! We think this is crazy and want to offer an alternative to this expensive model.

Meal Prep is Time Consuming

Doing your own meal prep can be very time consuming.  Between planning, shopping and then prepping and cooking the food you can easily loose an entire weekend to doing meal prep.

Prepared Meals Are a Better Option

We think that Atlanta residents deserve a better option than restaurant takeout and meal prep.  We think our locally chef-made meals offer the perfect balance of affordability and convenience.  We want to make your life easier and to help you eat healthier too!  Try your chef crafted, local Atlanta made, prepare meals from Artichoke Dinner Club today!

Artichoke Dinner Club delivers healthy, locally made, chef-developed meals to Atlanta making eating well easy and delicious. Check out our rotating menu and skip the meal prep and restaurant takeout.