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Make your morning even easier with Perc coffee

Are people that don’t drink coffee even real people?! Just kidding of course, but like many others, we need coffee to survive in the mornings. And beyond survival, that first cup (or two!) of coffee in the morning is something to savor. A quiet moment of peace, where you can literally feel your brain and body wake up and get ready to face the day.About 7 years ago our family switched from a classic Mr Coffee coffee maker to a French Press, and we never looked back. At the time, just that small switch elevated the taste of coffee to a level that we’ve never had the itch to switch from. We recently received a Le Creuset French Press as a...

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The perfect afternoon snack : Bok Choy

The six to eight hours between lunch and dinner can sometimes seem like a long time. Some days are longer than others! So the question becomes, to snack or not to snack. On one hand, without a snack, dinner can taste just that much better. On the other hand, sometimes you can’t wait!For many people who now can work from home, or for those who have always stayed home, the opportunity for an amazing and healthy afternoon snack has never been higher. I was in that lucky position today, catching up on emails and office work at my dining room table. I had a fantastic Mexican Caesar salad for lunch but was itching for a snack by mid-afternoon thanks to my...

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An Ode to Friday Lunch

TGIF. We made it! By the time Friday lunch rolls around, the weekend is literally a hop, skip, and jump away. To hold a mini celebration, I often like to make Friday lunch a treat- something yummy and still healthy-ish, and definitely something to kick the [almost] weekend off on the right foot.My go-to lunch during the rest of the week is the Mexican Caesar, so on Fridays I like to switch that up. My newest Friday obsession- the Thai Chili Bowl. This is a relatively new dish, but it has already become one of my favorites, and it’s shooting up quickly on our best seller list. It all started from a love for the chicken meatballs in our thai...

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How it all started

Busy. The honest answer I always use when people ask how I am, but the word I wish I never had to respond with. Like many people, I always felt like I was running around, frantically crossing off items from a to-do list that was never-ending. Between working, raising our daughter, household maintenance, taking care of our dog, Ladybug, cooking, etc, there never seemed to be enough time in the day. And when there was, sometimes I felt all I had the energy to do was sit on the couch and watch TV. Not exactly the way I had dreamed of living my “adult life.” And most of all, I just felt tired. All the time. There was no big...

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